Pentair Rebel 2


The Pentair Rebel 2 pool cleaner is a game-changer in pool maintenance, boasting cutting-edge features for a pristine pool experience. With its advanced technology, this cleaner navigates efficiently, tackling dirt, debris, and even challenging corners with ease. Equipped with powerful suction, it ensures thorough cleaning, leaving your pool spotless. The Rebel 2’s sleek and compact design enhances maneuverability, while its programmable options allow customization to suit your pool’s unique needs. This innovative cleaner is not just about functionality; it’s about simplicity and effectiveness, making pool maintenance a breeze for pool owners seeking top-tier performance.



  • Total Pool Coverage: Its programmed steering mechanism ensures the rebel powerfully drives around the whole pool without getting stuck and covering the tightest spaces.
  • Handles Tough Environments Others Can’t: Its powerful turbines allow it to handle hard to clean pools that have extra exposure to leaves and sand.
  • Doesn’t Clog: Its superior turbine design allows for clear passage of dirt and debris, avoiding clogging issues that are common for “normal” suction cleaners.
  • Likes all Pumps: Its extra efficient hydraulics allows it to operate with dual and variable speed pumps with no fuss.
  • Easy: It is remarkably easy to install, use and maintain. Its snap-open design allows quick, easy access for servicing
  • Suits all Pools: Designed to operate in all pool sizes and shapes. Suitable for all surfaces.
  • Durable: Made in Europe using quality materials.
  • 3 Years Warranty.


Box Contents:

  • Turbine-driven pool cleaner
  • 10x 1m hose sections
  • Float
  • Leader hose
  • Regulator valve
  • Flow gauge
  • Skimmer filter kit
  • Instructions manual
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