Madimack Elite Variable Speed Pool Pump


Experience the pinnacle of pool pump technology with the Madimack Elite Variable Speed Pump. Its advanced motor adjusts RPM for optimal water flow, from gentle filtration to robust cleaning. The user-friendly control panel allows scheduling and energy monitoring. Enjoy significant energy savings, whisper-quiet operation, and durable, corrosion-resistant construction. Elevate your pool maintenance with efficiency and performance in one.

Available options –

eFlow 300 (1Hp)

eFlow 400 (1.5Hp)

eFlow 500 (2.0Hp)

Warranty –

4 Years on all parts

Features –

Full Inverter Technology

Set the speed you need for your pool and save energy with full variable speed from 30% to 100% control.

Volute Hydraulic System

Noise is reduced by volute hydraulic structure making it turbulence free, and produce lesser noise compared to traditional diffuser type.

DC Brushless Motor

DC brushless motor ensures the pump much less noise, higher efficiency and more durability.

Soft Start

Full protection on electrical system.

Quick Connect

Perfect pairing with Madimack Pool Heater.

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