Quick Questions

Absolutely. We are offering a contact-free service for your pool. Despite the current events, Fixed Price Pool Services remains committed to creating healthy, safe and fun pool-side memories for families and friends. 

If you have to or choose to self-isolate, we can help maintain your pool and spa while ensuring the health of your family with a contact-free test and treatment service for your pool to ensure it stays healthy and clear.

There are some easy to remember rules that need to be followed to ensure the safe use of swimming pools and spas at all times. 

  • Fence the pool. Ensure your pool or spa has compliant fencing and childproof locking. Remember, a fence and a gate is not a substitute for supervision.
  • Supervise children at all times around water. If you need to leave the pool or water area, take the child with you.
  • Learn to resuscitate. Take a CPR course so you will know what to do in an emergency. Display a resuscitation chart on your pool fence, too. They’re available at your local swimart store.
  • Don’t leave furniture or other potential climbing items near your pool or spa fence.
  • Familiarise children with water by taking them to swimming lessons at the local pool.
  • Ensure all pool users are warned against sitting on, or covering, a drain or suction point. This can cause injury, or in extreme cases, death.
  • Empty paddling pools, baths, basins, sinks and troughs when they are not in use.
  • Never consume alcohol around water. Alcohol and swimming don’t mix.
  • Be aware that poorly designed pools and spas can create an entrapment hazard. Get a licensed pool builder to review your pool and spa to ensure safety, replace broken or missing suction covers and have anti-entrapment covers fitted if needed.
  • Never put your head under water when in a spa.

Each pool is different but they all require circulation, cleaning, and a touch of chemicals. A dirty pool has cloudy water and lots of infestation and the above components are important for maximum circulation and cleaning for which you are required to run your pump and filter at least 10-12 hours a day.

Balanced water is happy water. When you water chemistry is not balanced, it will affect the operation of your pool, the condition of your equipment and surface and the swimming experience for your bathers. If the water is not balanced, it can lead to a lot of issues. Balanced water can protect the pool surface and pool equipment and provide a comfortable swimming environment for bathers.

  • High pH: Scaling Water which causes clogged filters, clogged heater elements, reduced circulation, cloudy water, metal staining; Chlorine inefficiency; Eye/Skin Irritation
  • Low pH: Corrosive Water which causes etching of pool/spa surface, corrosion of metals, staining of surface walls; Wrinkles in Vinyl Liners; Eye/Skin Irritation
  • High Alkalinity: pH Lock – cloudy water, rough pool/spa surfaces, clogged filters, clogged heater elements, reduced circulation
  • Low Alkalinity: pH bounce – etching of pool/spa surface, staining of surface walls, heater failure
  • High Calcium Hardness: Scaling Water which causes rough pool/spa surfaces, clogged filters, cloudy water, clogged heater elements, reduced circulation, eye/skin irritation.
  • Low Calcium Hardness: Corrosive Water – etching of pool/spa surfaces, heater failure. Water becomes aggressive seeking calcium from other sources including through the surface of the pool/spa.
  • High Cyanuric Acid: Cloudy water, Affects alkalinity readings
  • Low Cyanuric Acid: Cannot maintain a sanitizer effectively

It’s important to test your pool water to determine if your pool has the correct chlorine and pH levels to kill bacteria and viruses within your pool. By testing your water, you can determine what your pool needs to keep it balanced and healthy.